With 54 countries and just over 1.5 billion consumers, Africa can seem daunting for companies desiring to enter and develop their business on the continent. That is where the Mikhanyi Difference comes in; our multilingual and dedicated team will travel with and assist you with negotiations, translation and marketing solutions. We help companies that desire to infiltrate the African market and those that have already entered but wanted to expand, gain a competitive advantage, and reach new markets.

We are proud to have significant on the ground experience as well as being able to operate across all sub Saharan markets in numerous African countries. Our list of countries is expanding on a regular basis.

  • Central & West Africa
  • Nigeria
  • Ghana
  • Central African Republic
  • Mali
  • South Africa
  • DR Congo
  • Republic of Congo
  • Guinea Conakry
  • Senegal
  • Ivory Coast
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe
  • Mozambique
  • Angola
  • Kenya

We take you to Africa and bring Africa to you

Taking you to Africa and bringing Africa to you involves one or more of Mikhanyi’s multilingual consultants travelling with you to Africa and helping you and your business assimilate, gain insight, understand, explore, launch or test a product/service in the market. Our experienced consultants will be at your service for all required professional purposes during the entire duration of your trip or a specified period best suited to your needs.

Our expertise at Mikhanyi (Pty) Ltd in developing a Pan Africa strategy for many organisations has proven invaluable to our clients. We help companies understand business contracts through language translations, meeting interpretations, and government legislations. We conduct qualitative and quantitative research, we collect primary data to enable our clients to formulate appropriate strategies to remain/gain a competitive advantage, or to penetrate a new market.

We further help businesses develop market penetration and development strategies, provide consulting on market feasibility, Brand Management, commercial and sales strategies, as well as Corporate Citizenship, in most instances, we accompany our clients in the exploration phase.

Comprehensive knowledge and understanding across a variety of industries

Mining & Agriculture
Marketing & Telecommunications
Engineering & Mechanics